"In 2009 as part of my first Crowd Funding project for Libellus, I toured the UK sharing songs and stories in peoples homes, in caves, theatres, castles, on boats, in summer houses, in tree houses, kitchens... I loved it! It's one of the most inspiring ways of performing live and connecting with listening audiences and so I have continued to this day, adding churches, caverns, gardens, tree houses, crypts.. to the list." Tallulah

“Tallulah is a natural performer, whether in front of one person or an arena”. *Producer Danton Supple *(Coldplay, Morrissey..)

Magnet Club Berlin

Hive Mind Collective

In London’s Westbourne Studios
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“The way Tallulah transformed our small studio space into a cosy music venue for the night was amazing. She brings her enormous talent and charisma into any space and captivate an audience within minutes; connecting with people on a very personal level.” Leonora Oppenheim

Brighton Kitchen

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“Such a beautiful and warm experience having Talullah share her wonderful singing talents in such an intimate setting. It’s not every day you get the chance of having such a talent play for just you and your friends at your own home.” Tom Kitching

“Unique and intimate, a one of a kind experience.” Darko Dukic Berlin

Marlborough Garden

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Swindon Allotment

“It wasn’t only the stars in the sky that shone the night Tallulah Rendall played her living room gig in our garden. But the lady herself from an audience consisting of teenagers to grandmas she and her unique sound captivated us all! She won over another group of fans, so much so that the repeat performance is all ready booked for this year, long may she shine !!” *Host Timothy Roberts *

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