The Banshee And The Moon download


Tallulah's 3rd Independently Crowd Funded Album
Album: ‘The Banshee And The Moon'
Release Date: 6th June 2014
Recorded: Osea Island
Produced by: Danton Supple
Formats: Limited Edition Hardback Book
Independently Crowdfunded

All songs were penned by Tallulah in Berlin in 2011 and later recorded on Osea Island by Producer Danton Supple and Engineer Marta Salogni. Tallulah also wrote and performed all instrumental parts on the album, with the exception of the drums, which, were played by John Blease.

In the words of Producer Danton Supple (Coldplay):
“Working with Tallulah was a privilege and a pleasure. The breadth of her vocals along with the passion of her delivery was always inspiring and to have had her play so many of the instruments brought a real focus to the songs. She's a natural performer, whether in front of one person or an arena, and really deserves success in this industry."

  1. Run Let The River Run
  2. Canary
  3. Pieces
  4. She Rises Up
  5. Shine On
  6. Go My Way
  7. Hear Me Now
  8. Land Away
  9. Banshee
  10. Lost In The Moonlight
  11. Trust In Me
  12. Eyes
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