'We Don't Want War Anymore' Single

Fundraising in aid of Child Refugees of War

Free Download for pledgers of the 'We Don't Want War' fundraising campaign for Child Refugees.

To join this campaign please click https://www.justgiving.com/Tallulah-Rendall

'I woke up one morning and on reading the news, felt heartbroken and immediately wrote 'We Don't Want War'. I was unsure if I would ever share it with anyone until the next morning when I read about Aylan, 3, and Galip Kurdi, 5, who were found dead on a Turkish Beach after an overcrowded boat filled with refugees fleeing the war in Syria capsized.

I decided I have to do something to help.

A very small donation can make an enormous difference to those children who have survived the journey, and who are now in dire need. Many have been separated en route, have experienced heartbreaking trauma or simply have nothing. With winter fast approaching, life is about to get even harder. I hope this song will inspire people to join this campaign and help make a difference to the children facing life or death situations.’ Tallulah Rendall

All funds from this fundraising campaign are going directly to Save The Children.

Thank you to Producer Danton Supple, Engineer Marta Salogni, Cameraman Alex Pollard & Ben Heron for giving their time and energy for free to record this track and create this music video.

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