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2014 Thank You

As the New Year dawns and the last remnant of yesterday’s gathering is tidied away I am able to reflect on 2014, a year that I generally spent catching my breath as one extraordinary thing after another happen.

RAFT & Women Of The Future Award

So with the nourishment of living in the wilds of Dartmoor in a secluded river valley with a beautiful oak woodland for our neighbour, and my daily Qi Gong the year was off to a wonderful start. Soon new melodies were flowing and my first opportunity to share these was at a charity fundraiser for RAFT. The CEO Leonor invited me to perform two songs, the first Pieces (from The Banshee And The Moon) and the second All In You a song I had recently written. Unbeknown to me, Leonor was so touched by All In You and the books/albums I have created and my vision as an Independent Artist that she nominated me for a

Women Of The Future Arts & Culture Award

. But more of that to come.

The Curse Of Printers

In keeping with tradition, book-printing dramas soon ensued. For those of you who where part of the crowd funding campaign for ALIVE my second album you may remember the nightmare of 2000 books arriving damaged and having to sue the printing company for a reprint! Well the same thing happened again but thankfully this time the printers were fantastic and immediately reprinted the damaged stock, thank god! Picture opposite of signed albums being sent to Pledgers.

Below signed albums being packaged and sent out to Pledgers.

Isabel Balla

I was also fortunate to have Isabel Balla working for me, another incredible intern from Ithaca University. And so together we took on the almighty task of running a three month PR & Marketing Campaign to promote the upcoming

Exhibition and Showcase of The Banshee And The Moon, to be held at The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery in Soho.

I couldn’t afford to hire a company to do the job and so thought sod it – I have released two albums already and I know how to write a press release so lets just do it ourselves. The result was unbelievably painstaking. Rather than spending the upcoming months writing or gigging I was chained to a desk writing endless emails, making endless phone calls and trying not be intimated be unfriendly voices on the other end of phones or emails.

To pay the bills I was working at a local café in Chagford making a lot of cappuccinos and also for Source Point Community Acupuncture an incredible multi-bed clinic set up by my dear friend Graeme & Tom, and so months passed quickly amidst the clatter of typing, yabbering on the phone, making dreadful coffees, researching everything I could on acupuncture in order to run marketing campaigns and learning about picture framing. I had decided I wanted to print each of the photographs taken for The Banshee And The Moon and exhibit them along side a

QR code

that would stream the relevant song as well as the lyrics. I really wanted the viewer to fully experience The Banshee And The Moon.

Below is the Event Programme created by Isabel

Never one to do things by halves, I decided that I would run a 5 day pop up exhibition and perform each night tracks not only from The Banshee but also a few old favorites on request from Alive & Libellus.

The intention behind this showcase was primarily to celebrate with and thank all the pledgers who had been part of the album’s crowd funding campaign, but also to present the finished book/album to labels and press.

And so after months of PR the week before I had to stop and focus on playing and working out the best way of live looping all the harmonies and creating sample percussion tracks that I could trigger. In all honesty that was the only thing really stressing me out. My strength as an artist I think has always come from playing live. I love it. But I was feeling pretty rusty after having to take time out to do the marketing. But it all came together thank god! Thanks to all my family and my new intern Jem Leslie (Isabella’s internship had ended and she was back in the states) who rallied around me.

And what’s more..I managed to get sponsorship from

Grosvenor Events to run a vodka bar with delicious vodka sponsored by Sipsmith and William Chase. Plus beautiful clothes from SUR Studio and Jewels from BEX ROX.

It was an incredibly rewarding week, with each night full to the brim with supporters and press but unfortunately no labels, but I didn’t feel disheartened by that at all. It was a great week. Each night was run by donation and I managed to cover my costs and sell lots of books and even a few pictures and celebrate with supporters from all around the world.

Cassie’s Big Night In Exclusive Of The Showcase

Cassies Exclusives | Tallulah Rendall

Cassies Exclusives | Tallulah Rendall

Event Press

Soon the reviews came pouring in and they were all great. Suddenly it felt as though the months of relentless PR & Marketing was beginning to pay of. Here are just a handful..

Emerging Indie Bands

called the album

‘bewitching’ and “Pieces is an anthem to the 21st Century’

Music News

called The Banshee

“More than just music, The Banshee and the Moon is an inspiration, a concept, a way of living”

The Good Web Guide

We’ve shouted about her before and we’re doing it again because that’s what YouTube is there for quite frankly, discovering the undiscovered, nurturing home grown talent, and Rendall is a talent indeed. Go, listen, report back.”

The best is from Danton though :):) and it makes me feel a bit teary just to read it.

Producer Danton Supple (Coldplay


“Working with Tallulah was a privilege and a pleasure. The breadth of her vocals along with the passion of her delivery was always inspiring and to have had her play so many of the instruments brought a real focus to the songs. She’s a natural performer, whether in front of one person or an arena, and really deserves success in this industry’

The Impact Of The Exhibition

It’s often hard to see what was the element that tipped something into a new phase in a career, however in this instance there was no doubting all the hard work had paid off.

Firstly as a direct result of the exhibition I secured collaboration with


And together we created the


. This is a free page on my website where all those who wish to support my music can do exactly that by helping to spread the word. By signing in via Facebook or Twitter you are able to repost and tell friends about my music, new gigs etc.. and in return win points, which add up to win prizes. Soon it will replace this mailing list as my way of communicating directly.


Joining MOJO HOBO Booking Agency

Thirdly, surfer/fireman Richard Potter from MOJO HOBO became my booking agent, and soon booked me a run of summer shows across the south west (mainly in surf towns!). For the past ten years I have booked all my own shows and tours which needless to say is really time consuming and really hard because festivals, promoters and venues only ever want to deal with agents. Generally speaking they appear to associate bands without agents as bands not worthy of booking. So as you can imagine without a manager or a booking agent I have really had my work cut out over the past decade. So having Rich on board has been great and we now work together booking shows and tours.


The exhibition itself was chosen by Barracuda Casino in London to hang in their member’s bar for the following six weeks. On the last night I played a secret gig and sold a few more pics!

Coalition Talent

Finally I was invited by Coalition Talent to be one of their

Coffee House Session Touring Artists

. This would mean a

10-day tour playing 3 afternoons shows a day at 25 Universities

in total. I said yes immediately without really thinking much about the practicalities of it, but it wasn’t going to happen until the autumn so I would work it out then!!

The Summer

The welcome of sunshine brought the return of living room gigs both in the UK and Germany, as well as a host of festivals. It all kicked off after a week camped in our bell tent in the chew valley to celebrate Summer Solstice with wonderful friends, and our decision to leave Devon and return to Somerset. During this week Ben spent his days in the Pukka office whilst I rehearsed and drove about in my beaten up golf trying to find our new home. Which I did and by the end of the week we had made the decision to make the move back to the Chew Valley.

View out the tent :)

Pukka & Latitude Festival

I played lots of great festies during this time. Loved the Artful Badger stage at Secret Garden Party but my favorite festival was definitely teaming up with


Bit of branding before the gig! Pic by Kerstin Schmitdke, (Digital Marketing Exec)

Pukka were running a chill out area and booked me to play each afternoon. During the evenings and early mornings I sung and strummed away in the Yurtle Backstage Camping and tried not to get star struck as famous musicians ate their breakfast! It was the first time I really had a chance to hangout with the full Pukka Family and it was great.

Pukka Inspirational People

They are all amazing and really inspiring people and I felt extremely honored on returning from the festival to be considered an ‘Extraordinary Person’ and invited to write an article for PUKKA PLANET

To read the article follow this link


As the summer drew to a close Ben and I had a wee surf holiday in France. Where I managed to demonstrate I am both shit at surfing and appalling at French. I managed to tell one waitress with real conviction I was allergic to her restaurant (I was trying to tell her I was allergic to shell fish)!

Women Of The Future Arts & Culture Awards

On returning home we packed up our little bungalow and bid a very sad farewell to our river valley and headed north to our new home and with that life seemed to step into a whole new gear.

Out of the blue I received an email congratulating me on being shortlist for an

Arts & Culture Award by Women Of The Future.

Never having really been acknowledged within the Music Industry Business so it was amazing to be acknowledged by the business community now for what I have independently created.

I was also invited to perform at the Awards Ceremony itself, which was definitely one of the more intimidating things I have ever done. One of the women warned me before I went on stage that the room might be noisy and not to be offended. Well, you could have heard a pin drop and that was even more shocking 500 people seated in black tie and not a word spoken as I sung, I had complete goose bumps from start to finish. (Below pic by my proud mum!)


I didn’t come first in my category but instead received the Highly Commended Award which was just as amazing; to be honest just to be acknowledged was enough.

A Royal Cuppa

I was also invited to Buckingham Palace the next day :):) for Tea!

BBC Introducing

But it didn’t end there. The response from the nomination was extraordinary. I had began to put into plan the promo for the upcoming

Coffee House Sessions Tour

and had begun the relentless task of emailing and calling all the regional BBC towns I was going to play and to be honest had no luck at all until.. I received an email back from

Martin Evans

one of the producers at

BBC Bristol and Somerset,

who forwarded my email to

Sam Bonham

who heads up

BBC Introducing for Bristol

. Now I have spent years trying to reach someone at BBC Introducing without any luck, but Sam invited me in that very week for an interview. We chatted about the nomination, the upcoming tour (which he was convinced would kill me) crowd funding and lots more.

BBC Intro :):) WOOHOO!!


The time had come. The smallest van prepped, Nick Schlesinger on drums and Nick my brother on book/cd selling and set up duty.

28 shows in 10 days..

Gormless selfie at BBC

It went so well and Martin and I got on so brilliantly that he invited me back and we did another two shows one with Martin and one with the lovely Claire Cavanagh. I am so unbelievably grateful for their support.

Built the bed!

Brother Nick On The Merchandise Stand

Rendall Branding!!!

Surviving The Tour!

In all honesty I was not sure that it was possible to do this tour. 3 sometimes 4 shows a day in different cities some 3 hrs. from each other. Nevertheless we set off in Walnut, armed with health supplements galore, the sat nav (not on bicycle setting – made that mistake once touring Ireland and pissed a lot of people off oops!) bedding, instruments, albums, vinyl, tour T-Shirts sponsored by a secret amazing pledger and the tour bible. The Coffee House Sessions manual of where we were going, which radio, TV and newspaper press would show up at each gig, parking info, what could go wrong..

In truth not much did it was ace. A couple of shows were very quiet because students were on reading week but those shows tended to have a great press turn out. A few days’ logistics got the better of us as we encountered accidents & road works or delays at the venues but aside from one nightmare 16-hour day in the van it was great.

The student’s response to the books was incredible. I wasn’t sure whether they would be into the concept but they all were and genuinely loved the idea of having a physical version of the album. And the three of us got on really well once we had worked out how to!

Student Press Confidence Boaster Reviews

“Sometimes in life, you come across a little gem by accident. One of these was the discovery of Tallulah Rendall.

Jack at Essex Uni

“One to watch”

Nerve Magazine Bournemouth Uni

“The most interesting Coffee house session this year”

Rabbit Newspaper

The Banshee And The Moon is “

Wonderful & mesmerising”

6 Towns Radio

4/4 stars Gig Review by Liverpool Sound & Vision

“Unique & talented”

Teeside University TUSU TV.

Plus I met and was interviewed by


Click here to listen to the interview

Amazing Pledgers Who Sheltered Us On The Road

The tour itself was made possible because of money saved from making all those coffees, working at Source Point, Rich’s surf town summer bookings, a few living room shows and the generosity of accommodation provided by pledgers. I couldn’t afford to pay for us to stay in hotels each night, but thankfully we were offered bed and delicious food by crowd funders from Bournemouth all the way to St Andrews.

And so we survived with smiles on our faces and even Walnut made it home in one piece.

Hemelvaart Bier Cafe in Bedale

During the tour we also played a few amazing shows in local towns. The standout one being in the tiny town of Bedale up near the borders where the tiniest of bier cafes is run by the fantastic Phil & John.

The Hemelvaart Bier Café

is just amazing and to be honest made my whole tour, I strongly recommend you make a visit if passing. Never in England I have been so looked after with such warmth and my god I laughed from the moment we arrived till we reluctantly left. Fortunately we can’t stay away and are heading back in March. Phil and John have also taken it upon themselves to help out booking some other local shows whilst I am up there, which is AMAZING!!!!!! It is support like this, which is totally invaluable. So dates for your diary…

6h March at the Georgian Theatre and 8th at… Hemelvaart Bier Café.

RAFT & Walking With The Wounded Charity Event

My mum organised this incredible event ‘Steps To The Future’ and I was extremely privileged to be invited by Leonor from RAFT to perform. Thank you to Natalia Kaut for lending me her fab dress!


And so as the year came to an end I played my last show at Tapeley Park to a small crowd of diehard fans who had booked me for their Christmas Party. It was beautiful and magical and I felt very honored and afterwards drove home to celebrate my first Christmas in our new home followed by a great New Year’s in the local pub with amazing friends dancing away the hours and waking on new years day to a house rammed to the rafters with smiles and happiness.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported me with words of encouragement and kindness. As you know the music industry is a hard ole path and one which I could not have managed thus far without you.  So I wish you all the most amazing of years and will leave you with a beautiful picture of Lao Tzu mystic philosopher of ancient China and the author of the Tao Te Ching.

All my love xx Tallulah


Chatting to the FAB DJ Ally McCrae from BBC Radio 1 Introducing01/12/2014